Pretty in PinkBlush: What to Wear After Baby

purple dress 2purple dress 3purple dress 1kimono 2 kimono 3 kimono 4 It’s one of the biggest fashion dilemmas a postpartum mom can face: how to look trendy while nursing.  As if nursing wasn’t hard enough, new moms are faced with the challenge of finding comfortable, fashionable pieces that make nursing a breeze. And if your baby is anything like my baby, he is always hungry!

Let’s face it- there isn’t much out there by way of cute maternity/nursing clothing. That’s why I was so excited to find PinkBlush. Not only do they have a cute, affordable and trendy women’s line, they also have maternity as well as nursing clothing. Score!

I love this ruffled dress for a few reasons. First, the ruffle hides some of the extra baby weight. Second, it’s got a zipper down the center- talk about perfect for nursing! Third, it’s super lightweight for summer. I paired it with a denim vest and gladiator sandals.

For anyone that knows my style, I LOVE cardigans/kimonos or anything I can throw on over a simple outfit to make it pop. Bonus: this cardigan can be worn before and after pregnancy and can double as a nursing cover! Here I paired it with a simple camisole, denim shorts and gladiator sandals.

Visit to purchase the above items, or click on the links in the blog to take you directly to the product!


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