Magical Sedona

If there is ever a place my heart & soul are drawn to…it’s Sedona. Maybe it’s because…well, I’m a bit of a mystic and love connecting with good energy, beautiful scenery, and good food & wine. 😉 So where is a mystic to go on her adventures in Sedona? 

I only had 2 ½ days to explore this town. Now, I had visited in my earlier years, but way long before my spiritual awakening. Still, back then at age 16, I connected intrinsically to the energy. I was totally that girl– off in the corner of the mystic shop–reading about Vortexes and begging my parents to buy me the book. I was fascinated. I went back at 21 while I was living in Scottsdale for a summer and hiked the vortexes and also got a psychic reading. I was hooked. It was magical.

So when my Reiki healer and good friend, Nanette, said she was going, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I had been itching to travel since lockdown began over a year ago. It was finally time. Bought my flight and off I went on my magical, mystical adventure.

The drive through the desert is beautiful. Red rocks, cactus, the rolling hills and mountains in the distance—a real treat for this Florida gal. It happened to be drizzling that day—a rare thing for the desert—but that didn’t stop us from enjoying every bit of the landscape. 

We first stopped at Montezuma’s Castle—it brought back so many memories as a child. My grandparents had taken me there when I was probably in 4th or 5th grade. It’s truly spectacular- the Native Americans built this 20 story high rise right into the limestone. There are guides who give you the history behind the civilization and how it came to be—it’s a MUST do if you’re traveling near the Sedona area.

Next up was the Chapel of the Holy Cross and WOW! It is actually on top of a vortex and the energy here is incredible. You can light a candle inside the chapel, come for prayer, or just come to experience the magic of this place. The views are stunning! And the Jesus inside the chapel is a piece of art—stunning. Be warned, there may be a lot of tourists, and parking can be a bit of an issue.  But SO WORTH IT!

After that we were ready to visit Crystal Magic, a spiritual shop that was highly recommended to us. They have two separate buildings—one with the healing/readings and one with the gifts/crystals, etc. We decided we were going to both get an aura reading. I had never done one before and was super excited. We were greeted by Ansara- the Master Astrologer- and immediately I felt an amazing energy about him. The reading was fabulous! He was super in-depth and the technology they use is incredible. If I had more time there, I would go back and get an astrological reading from him. 

Next we spent some time buying crystals, sprays, and gifts in the other building next door. I could seriously spend HOURS there…they have such a wide array of spiritual goodies. 

By this time we were STARVING and had picked out a place to eat when my friend, who was driving, said hey look….a wine bar! She had me at wine. Vino Di Sedona. It seemed like a tiny place, and no cars….but then again it was 3 pm. Ok they had tapas, so I said, let’s give it a try. WE WERE BLOWN AWAY! The food was incredible- we both had the buffalo chili with prickly pear, and the local wine was fantastic. I ordered the Merkin Vineyards Chupacabra—a slightly sweet red blend that was oh-so-good. It was by far the BEST dining experience we had in Sedona. By the time we left, the place was packed for happy hour. And now I know why!

We finished our day exploring the Center for the New Age and had so much fun talking with the staff! This store is also filled with crystals (literally ceiling to floor) and sooo many books and tarot cards—I mean they had tarot decks I had never seen before (and I own over 50 decks!) We chatted it up with one of the staff regarding UFO’s (I mean, I love this stuff!!!) and my friend booked a UFO experience for that Monday. Unfortunately I was leaving Sunday, so couldn’t join.  But how cool is this—they actually take you to a spot and you watch for the “encounters” through military goggles. She said it was a really cool experience. Take me to your leader!

Dinner that evening was full of great atmosphere at Sound Bites! They have a beautiful view, live music and a lively crowd. We both had pretty good salads—but don’t order the ceviche—it was tomato based- more like gazpacho! 

Saturday was full of healing, exploring and adventure. We started our morning off with some coffee at Star Bites (next to Sound Bites and they serve Starbucks coffee—not that we cared about Starbucks but it was really good!) overlooking the gorgeous views! We both had healing sessions scheduled with Kurt of Inner Journeys, so we headed on over. Kurt also has an amazing energy and really focusing on  helping his clients.  I went first and decided to have a healing to help release negative emotions. He uses a technique called EFT tapping, and he also taught me how to do this technique. It was AMAZING!! I was able to release some things that had been bothering me/keeping me up at night. And wouldn’t you know, after a few days returning home, those things cleared and so many incredible, positive things started showing up. I am so thankful I got to experience this. Kurt also does many other types of healings, and also does distance work if you’re not in Sedona.

After our sessions, we were so relaxed but also ready for lunch, so we stopped in at Famous Pizza and had the most delicious and messy subs! Highly recommend this casual lunch spot! We needed to fuel up before our vortex hike.

We met Kim from Sedona Mystical Tours next door and ventured off on our much anticipated tour of the vortexes. Kim is such a beautiful, sweet soul, who is well connected to the land and its energies. She is extremely knowledgeable and pointed out several things while we were hiking; the way the trees and plants were drawn toward the energy vortex, the crystals embedded in the rocks, and how some of the ecosystem of the desert works. The views were breathtaking. 

Kim also does healing work while on her tours, offering sound bowl healing, aromatherapy and meditation. Nanette and I both felt so connected to the earth, so peaceful and surrounded by the beautiful energy of the vortexes. Meditating on top of a vortex is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We left that hike feeling energized and alive. It was simply magical. I didn’t want to leave. 

But even upon leaving, I took the energy and vibrance of this magical place with me…and said, Sedona I’ll be back. And that I will.


One thought on “Magical Sedona

  1. Jill says:

    Love hearing about your amazing trip Molly! I love spirituality – it really is a magical journey ❤ All thanks to you, a real inspiration! ❤


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