My Secret to Glowing Skin– tight

What’s better than starting off your day with glowing, radiant skin? Probably not much…and I’m here to share with you my new secret skin weapon!

Meet tight by Active Beauty. The active woman’s one drink solution for firmer and fitter skin. My stocking stuffer of choice this holiday!

I received this pretty package and immediately added the marine collagen skin supplement to my morning smoothie. It’s a yummy pink lemonade flavor and is also good with plain old water, but it gave my smoothie an extra kick. 

Within a week my skin was glowing, and I definitely noticed less fine lines (hello, win win!)

What makes b.skintight so unique is its Superior Marine Collagen + active ingredients—marine sourced Micro Algae, Silica, Vitamin C, Ionic Minerals & Electrolytes—so your skin gets everything it needs. Why settle for just collagen?

The result? Beautiful skin!

And it’s soooo easy and tasty. Perfect for a busy, active on-the-go Mom like me.

I’m giving you 20% off to give it a try! Use promo code MOLLY at checkout. Give you or your bestie the gift of beautiful skin this holiday—or anytime!


Magical Sedona

If there is ever a place my heart & soul are drawn to…it’s Sedona. Maybe it’s because…well, I’m a bit of a mystic and love connecting with good energy, beautiful scenery, and good food & wine. 😉 So where is a mystic to go on her adventures in Sedona? 

I only had 2 ½ days to explore this town. Now, I had visited in my earlier years, but way long before my spiritual awakening. Still, back then at age 16, I connected intrinsically to the energy. I was totally that girl– off in the corner of the mystic shop–reading about Vortexes and begging my parents to buy me the book. I was fascinated. I went back at 21 while I was living in Scottsdale for a summer and hiked the vortexes and also got a psychic reading. I was hooked. It was magical.

So when my Reiki healer and good friend, Nanette, said she was going, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I had been itching to travel since lockdown began over a year ago. It was finally time. Bought my flight and off I went on my magical, mystical adventure.

The drive through the desert is beautiful. Red rocks, cactus, the rolling hills and mountains in the distance—a real treat for this Florida gal. It happened to be drizzling that day—a rare thing for the desert—but that didn’t stop us from enjoying every bit of the landscape. 

We first stopped at Montezuma’s Castle—it brought back so many memories as a child. My grandparents had taken me there when I was probably in 4th or 5th grade. It’s truly spectacular- the Native Americans built this 20 story high rise right into the limestone. There are guides who give you the history behind the civilization and how it came to be—it’s a MUST do if you’re traveling near the Sedona area.

Next up was the Chapel of the Holy Cross and WOW! It is actually on top of a vortex and the energy here is incredible. You can light a candle inside the chapel, come for prayer, or just come to experience the magic of this place. The views are stunning! And the Jesus inside the chapel is a piece of art—stunning. Be warned, there may be a lot of tourists, and parking can be a bit of an issue.  But SO WORTH IT!

After that we were ready to visit Crystal Magic, a spiritual shop that was highly recommended to us. They have two separate buildings—one with the healing/readings and one with the gifts/crystals, etc. We decided we were going to both get an aura reading. I had never done one before and was super excited. We were greeted by Ansara- the Master Astrologer- and immediately I felt an amazing energy about him. The reading was fabulous! He was super in-depth and the technology they use is incredible. If I had more time there, I would go back and get an astrological reading from him. 

Next we spent some time buying crystals, sprays, and gifts in the other building next door. I could seriously spend HOURS there…they have such a wide array of spiritual goodies. 

By this time we were STARVING and had picked out a place to eat when my friend, who was driving, said hey look….a wine bar! She had me at wine. Vino Di Sedona. It seemed like a tiny place, and no cars….but then again it was 3 pm. Ok they had tapas, so I said, let’s give it a try. WE WERE BLOWN AWAY! The food was incredible- we both had the buffalo chili with prickly pear, and the local wine was fantastic. I ordered the Merkin Vineyards Chupacabra—a slightly sweet red blend that was oh-so-good. It was by far the BEST dining experience we had in Sedona. By the time we left, the place was packed for happy hour. And now I know why!

We finished our day exploring the Center for the New Age and had so much fun talking with the staff! This store is also filled with crystals (literally ceiling to floor) and sooo many books and tarot cards—I mean they had tarot decks I had never seen before (and I own over 50 decks!) We chatted it up with one of the staff regarding UFO’s (I mean, I love this stuff!!!) and my friend booked a UFO experience for that Monday. Unfortunately I was leaving Sunday, so couldn’t join.  But how cool is this—they actually take you to a spot and you watch for the “encounters” through military goggles. She said it was a really cool experience. Take me to your leader!

Dinner that evening was full of great atmosphere at Sound Bites! They have a beautiful view, live music and a lively crowd. We both had pretty good salads—but don’t order the ceviche—it was tomato based- more like gazpacho! 

Saturday was full of healing, exploring and adventure. We started our morning off with some coffee at Star Bites (next to Sound Bites and they serve Starbucks coffee—not that we cared about Starbucks but it was really good!) overlooking the gorgeous views! We both had healing sessions scheduled with Kurt of Inner Journeys, so we headed on over. Kurt also has an amazing energy and really focusing on  helping his clients.  I went first and decided to have a healing to help release negative emotions. He uses a technique called EFT tapping, and he also taught me how to do this technique. It was AMAZING!! I was able to release some things that had been bothering me/keeping me up at night. And wouldn’t you know, after a few days returning home, those things cleared and so many incredible, positive things started showing up. I am so thankful I got to experience this. Kurt also does many other types of healings, and also does distance work if you’re not in Sedona.

After our sessions, we were so relaxed but also ready for lunch, so we stopped in at Famous Pizza and had the most delicious and messy subs! Highly recommend this casual lunch spot! We needed to fuel up before our vortex hike.

We met Kim from Sedona Mystical Tours next door and ventured off on our much anticipated tour of the vortexes. Kim is such a beautiful, sweet soul, who is well connected to the land and its energies. She is extremely knowledgeable and pointed out several things while we were hiking; the way the trees and plants were drawn toward the energy vortex, the crystals embedded in the rocks, and how some of the ecosystem of the desert works. The views were breathtaking. 

Kim also does healing work while on her tours, offering sound bowl healing, aromatherapy and meditation. Nanette and I both felt so connected to the earth, so peaceful and surrounded by the beautiful energy of the vortexes. Meditating on top of a vortex is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We left that hike feeling energized and alive. It was simply magical. I didn’t want to leave. 

But even upon leaving, I took the energy and vibrance of this magical place with me…and said, Sedona I’ll be back. And that I will.


What’s Your Purpose?

What is my life’s purpose?

It’s a question I get asked often. If you would have asked me a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to give you a straight answer.

Fast forward—and wow.

What I’ve learned is…there is not just one “purpose.” When I had my women’s clothing boutique, I truly felt my purpose was to help women feel beautiful. None of that has changed. Today, I put outfits together for a client traveling to London. It was an amazing 2 hours. I felt creative, in the zone, back to who I truly am.

But wait…what about all this other “stuff?” The spiritual, soul mission. I had taken a step back from the styling—had not even really been promoting it. And when my client reached out to me, I was actually NERVOUS! I hadn’t worked with a styling client in a while. But it was like riding a bicycle—cliché I know. But I felt so in my element.

And here I am, on a whole entire spiritual journey—understanding my abilities in that realm and yet still having such a calling and desire to help women feel BEAUTIFUL. That part didn’t have to do with spirituality??

Or maybe it did…maybe that’s truly the goal. How am I helping people? Does it really matter in what capacity? I am truly thankful for the gifts I’ve been given.

So how do YOU find your true soul’s purpose? Just ask. You will be guided to it. It doesn’t have to be just one thing.

On a final note…I have had several people reach out to me and tell me that I’ve saved their life. This is obviously not on the fashion side—but on the other side of work that I do. I cannot even tell you how much my spiritual work means to me. It is a HUGE responsibility and I am so GRATEFUL for ANY lives I can change.

What can you do to be the light you wish to see in the world? Do it NOW. You may never know whose life you’re going to change.


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The Journey Continues…


 A Queen will always turn pain into power

I never knew how far this would take me. It’s so funny, tonight I was looking at photos I took for my Instagram in that tulle black skirt, and all I could think of was “this is SO Carrie Bradshaw!” And that’s always been me. A writer, a dreamer, a lover.

I want to share with you tonight a piece of my amazing journey. I keep a lot of it private, but decided nahhhh, it’s time to open up. I feel that my writing truly resonates with so many of you—especially those of you who have been through painful experiences—and my hope is to continue to inspire you. In the past few days I have had more clients tell me how much I have inspired them. That is my purpose.

I have been through a lot. It’s been absolutely life changing. As many of you know who have been following my journey, I went through a very painful breakup. You can read the story on my blog “The Breakup That Didn’t Break Me.” WOWWWW- what a difference a year makes!

It was a pain like I had never experienced in my life. Sometimes I think back and am stunned at how I even managed to pick myself up off the ground. The lies, betrayal and cheating…I never thought he would do that, or was even capable…it left me so blindsided, so confused. (On a side note, the married girl he had been cheating on me with recently reached out to me and confirmed he had been cheating on me…a year and a half later.) I didn’t respond, but my thoughts were…the truth always comes out, and karma is a Universal Law. I wish them both healing and forgiveness.

AND, since karma is a universal law, what you put out will ALWAYS come back. For me, it came back in the best possible way. For the last year and a half, I have been single, barely dated. I took time to heal, to uncover wounds/triggers. I learned what it truly means to love yourself. I went through an amazing spiritual awakening (if you haven’t seen my post “My Journey” that will explain it.)

What has transpired in these past 18 months has been nothing short of a miracle. From that kitchen floor where I laid, broke and barely able to move, I came alive. Alive in a way I never thought possible. I fought the pain, head on. I refused to let it own me. I said, “I will make something great of this.” And I did.

I’m here to tell you that YOU can have ANYTHING you want in life, and you can turn any situation around. We think so much with our logical minds—how can I make this work—this seems impossible—etc. I am here to tell you that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. You just have to change your perception. Your thinking.

It is now my purpose to help and inspire others to live the life of their dreams. Sometimes I just sit back in awe at how everything has played out. I can be Carrie Bradhsaw, I can be a fashion blogger, I can be a psychic & medium, a pharmaceutical rep, a mom, and a coach—and trust me when I tell you—there were so many times I didn’t think ANY or ALL OF THIS was possible. And here it is. I am helping so many with my intuitive abilities, and I am also a soul/life coach. Who would have even thought? But this was the path I was destined for…through all of the CRAP. LOL. I am so GRATEFUL to use my gifts to help others.

We all deserve to live the best life possible! You deserve to live the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE! Trust me, you can and you will.

If you’re interested in the work I do, email me at I would love to work with you!

I hope that my journey will continue to inspire you.

Sending you love & light,

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How to Shop the LTK DAY Sale



My top, shorts and sunnies will be part of the SALE! 


save the date

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My Journey



This video, created by my AMAZING talented sister, is dedicated to those who have and continue to support me on this journey. To my family, clients, friends, mentors and my ex boyfriend — thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you all. I am grateful every day for the gifts I have been given. If you’d like to book a reading with me, click here.




Single for the Holidays

My first Christmas and New Year’s as a single woman in 15 years. I can’t believe it! Honestly, I never thought I would be here. But let me tell you…it feels FANTASTIC. And I’m not just saying that. It really does.

But it’s taken me a lot to get here. I cried putting up my tree. When I first heard those Christmas songs, I felt that empty pit in my stomach. I’d happen upon old photos of last year when I spent Christmas with D and his children, and it knocked the wind out of me. But only for a few moments. I’d feel those emotions. I’d let them happen. I didn’t try to deny them or stuff them down. Sure, thoughts of so many people’s comments ran through my mind, “He doesn’t deserve you.” “Be so thankful you dodged a bullet.” “He did you a big favor.” And sometimes I believed them, sometimes I didn’t. Many times I would think, “No way, you didn’t know him, or US.” But I would never say it. Because, you know, I should be getting over it already.

And I am getting over it. It’s taking WAY longer than I expected, but that’s just fine. I have learned that healing is not on a schedule. It is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. What’s interesting is, I am OK being on my own. Really. Do I miss the companionship, the facetimes, late night chats, I love yous, romantic trips, etc…of course I do. I always felt that THOSE things were what I needed to be complete. That I needed someone to be complete. It’s just the opposite really…

Happiness comes from within and when you are whole within yourself. It’s about loving yourself—not EGO—but truly loving every part of yourself. The good, the bad, the ugly. It’s about accepting who you are. And not giving a damn what anyone else thinks. It’s about knowing your worth and never settling.

I listen to the Christmas songs and dance and laugh with my son. Sometimes I dance by myself in the kitchen with my wine, usually to Whitney Houston or Taylor or Tina Turner (I’m kind of a HUGE Tina fan lol). I look around my small townhouse and realize I have SO much to be grateful for. And I’m doing it all on my own. And I am more than fine with that. So many amazing things have been happening, and I am truly thankful.

So cheers to all of you, however you are spending the holidays; single, married, or somewhere in between. My hope is that you are HAPPY and fulfilled no matter what your “status.”  I’ll be raising a glass to love this year…self love!

Cheers y’all!



PS…if you’re single or have gone through a bad breakup, I’d love to hear from you. We’re in this together, girl!

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

gift guide 2018

‘Tis the season for gift giving, and I have the perfect picks for her (or for yourself!) I have linked each product below, or you can shop my looks straight from Instagram with the app. Just click the link in my profile.

  1. Leopard LOVE- Get these cute and cozy slippers for only $29.95
  2. Stella Feather Earrings– I mean can they be any more gorgeous? $56
  3. Slip for beauty Sleep mask– Because every girl needs her beauty rest! $50
  4. Ugg Sparkle Knit Cable Socks– Possibly one of my favorite all time gifts! $45
  5. Daisy Love Perfume– Smells heavenly. $71
  6. Chanel Lip Gloss– Glam it up with all kinds of pretty shades. $31
  7. The Beachwaver Curling Iron– Hands down my favorite hair tool! $129
  8. Becca Ocean Jewels Palette– Get gorgeous with these holiday colors. $35
  9. Maison de Bougie Candle– Wild, fun and sensual! $55
  10. Kate Spade Sparkle Clutch-Your perfect holiday accessory. $128
  11. Fur Pom Beanie– Such a cute winter staple for only $19

Happy holiday shopping gals!



The Breakup That Didn’t Break Me

Where do I begin? 6 months ago my life completely changed. I was blindsided by a devastating breakup. 

We had been dating for 2 years. I was in love. SO in love. Beyond any measure of anything I had ever felt before in my life. I believed in US. I believed in our partnership, our romantic love story (including how me met- which was totally fate), our respect and admiration for one another, our unbelievable connection, our shared love for music (it was often how we communicated feelings beyond words), our ability to pick one another up when one was going through a tough time…and we went through tough times together (our divorces happened simultaneously). I loved his children as if they were my own. I imagined a life together. People loved us; they loved our story; many that knew him said I was an angel and saved him. Women reached out to me and said, your relationship renews my faith that good guys are actually out there! He made me believe we would have a life together. I thought the bond we shared could never be broken. I never thought this would happen…

I never saw it coming. Were there doubts, sure..he had expressed them to me toward the end of the relationship. It all happened when things got serious about me moving to Georgia (for those of you who don’t know, I live in FL, he lives in GA but works here in FL and was down here often). I had always wanted to move to Atlanta…way before I ever met him. It’s a place I’ve always been drawn to. He said from the very beginning of our relationship, “We need to get you up here.” And I believed it. He would say things to me like, “I need my partner in life up here now.” He would send me songs about “one way tickets” and “I just need you now.” So I believed. And I wanted it, from every part of my soul, I did. 

My ex husband, the father of my son, had expressed interest in leaving south FL. So did my parents. So it all seemed like this was going to happen. I began making arrangements; I put my feelers out for jobs in the area D lived. I put my career and my name on the line, and things started to happen…I was getting interviews! One job was almost a shoe-in and a HUGE pay increase for me. Yet, when that started panning out last March, he began backing away ever so slightly. Not enough for me to notice though until it was too late (hindsight- gotta love that it’s always 20/20). My son’s father also started backing away from the idea of moving and it ended up becoming a legal battle. I spent every last dime, as a single mom struggling, on my attorney to move; I believed I was getting the job; I believed it was the right move for myself and my son; and I believed the man I loved was on board with all of it. D never once stopped me…he never said he was getting cold feet. Or that there was someone else. Or any of it. He continued to let me fight this battle. For us, or for what I “thought” was us. He never once offered to help. Not with helping me move, or financially, or any of it. Huge red flag, I know, but I was already in deep because of the empty promises and empty words I had already believed. 

Things were different between D and I right around the end of March. I remember it clearly. The last “good” weekend we spent together was the weekend of March 19th. We had the best time. So in love. It was a few days before my big interview….

So, I didn’t get the job. Which was a huge blow for me, as this had been a position I had been waiting for for months. I thought for sure it would happen. I now know it was divine intervention, the Universe/God— whatever you believe in— was SCREAMING at me…DO NOT GO! And yet I continued to pursue the move regardless.

And that’s when everything shifted. Majorly. D had told me he would come down for Easter. He found an excuse not to.  We were supposed to have a romantic weekend in April, he suddenly “got sick” and couldn’t come down. Which was strange because he had just been sick 2 weeks before. When he finally did come down, things were (what I thought) great, but he was a bit distant. He had told me back in March, for my 40th bday, that he was going to fly me to Atlanta for a weekend so I could see him and my bestie that lives there. I asked him this weekend, in mid-April, if we could plan it for May. He said no. And gave some weak reasons. A weird feeling came over me but I brushed it aside. One thing I have learned from all of this…TRUST YOUR GUT! There was obviously something going on.

The final weekend I saw him was the last weekend in April. Again, he was a bit distant. And not to give TMI but the very last time we made love he performed a new move in bed..which I loved and didn’t think anything about it at the time. Again, I had full trust and faith in this man. I never ever thought he would cheat on me. 

He left and it was the last time I saw him. May 1st. We had some intense conversations over the next week and I was getting the sense that he didn’t want me to move up there. But when I confronted him, he denied that. I wasn’t moving in with him either. He even said, “Babe, I almost just bought the house YOU loved.” Again, making me believe false hopes…

On Mother’s Day he didn’t even call me. I got a weird facebook post and some text messages. When I called him out on it, he broke up with me. Wait, WHAT?! Broke up with me…said he wasn’t the man I deserved and that we hadn’t progressed in a year. WHAT? He said he needed a break, then said no, I just need to move on. I asked if there was someone else and he said no. 

I laid on my floor barely able to move. How could this be happening? What the HELL just happened? This is the love of my life!! I was moving there! I loved his children! I loved him! Our relationship was so incredible! My FAMILY was moving there! I just spent every last dime I had on attorneys to make this happen! What is HAPPENING???!!

And I laid there and cried. And cried and cried and cried as if someone had literally just ripped my heart out of my chest. I ripped the photos of us, the family photos we had taken with our children, the sweet romantic cards he wrote me, into shreds. How could you do this to US?! I shouted it over and over. I felt like I was in a horrible nightmare. Please wake up, please wake up and let this all be just a dream.

Fast forward a week. I am barely able to function. I can’t eat, I sleep but I’m awoken by horrible night sweats. I somehow make it to work each day. I’m struggling to even stay upright. Family and friends are keeping me sane; talking to me all hours of the night, sending flowers, making me dinner. How is this even happening, I ask myself. This can’t be real.

So I asked God/Universe for a sign. D and I were musically so connected. We had Spotify playlists for each other and sent each other song dedications weekly. It was how we communicated our love on another level. I was able to look at his Spotify and see what he was listening to. So I checked, wondering if he was listening to any songs we had shared…or any sign that he may be missing me. What I found instead was a sexual, explicit Spotify playlist between him and someone else. It was made 4 days after we broke up. I was able to look up this girl in about 2 seconds. Amazing how when you’re not even looking for it, it’s right in front of your eyes. She’s married. 29 years old (D & I  are both 40). Started working at his gym in March. And now it’s all starting to make sense.

I’m not going to elaborate more on that because it’s not even worth mentioning in this post. I will say however, he denied cheating on me with her. Yeah, OK. 

The past 6 months have been a huge awakening for me. Not only did I struggle with this breakup, but there were numerous other things that happened in my life that were unbelievably challenging. I went through major financial struggles, my ex got sick and I had my son full time, and my son got sick and was in the hospital. There were so many days that I said, THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING. THIS CAN’T BE MY LIFE. But I would say to myself, THIS WILL NOT BREAK ME.

I remember sitting in the emergency room, alone with my son, praying they could get his IV in for the 8th time. He was screaming and I was praying to God, please…I cannot take any more. Tears were streaming down my face, and I was alone. ALONE. At 3 am with a child who was having trouble breathing. I remember saying to myself, YOU HAVE TO BE BRAVE. YOU can do this, you are a warrior mama. And I was. That night and every damn day forward.

But yet, I have struggled. I have been heartbroken by the one person I thought would never do this. I have survived some MAJOR stuff on my OWN (but also with the guidance of my amazing friends and family). I am better than OK. I am a warrior. I have fought some MAJOR battles in the last 6 months (some even too personal to get into on this post). And it has only made me stronger.

I remember D asking me the first day we met, ‘Do you believe everything happens for a reason?” And I said yes. More than EVER do I believe that now…

In the past few months here are the amazing things that have happened:

*I got an incredible new job…a huge opportunity for me that would not have happened had I moved to Atlanta

*My son’s father has made major changes in his life and has become a better father

*I am much better off financially

*My personal styling business (which is my side job and passion) has completely taken off…I would have never had that in Atlanta

*I am in the best shape of my life thanks to BBG and a commitment to fitness

*I have a new meditation and yoga practice, which has helped guide me through so much!

*I am on a mission to help others; whether it be through fashion, teaching, charity, relationships, etc…

*I have learned how to love myself and how to be OK with being on my own (single girl swag!)

I will leave you all with this…life can change; things happen beyond your control.. Life is what happens when all the “what ifs” don’t. Everything DEFINITELY happens for a reason- don’t ever doubt that. When you feel something is off, TRUST YOUR GUT. And don’t ever settle for ANYTHING less than what you deserve. And I do believe that there are amazing guys out there! Never, ever settle. 

Find yourself. True love is within yourself. Make peace with the things that have hurt you. Let that SHIT GO girl. Forgive. And trust the Universe/God. You will see things change right in front of your very eyes. And you will get everything your heart desires and everything that was meant for you.