The Journey Continues…


 A Queen will always turn pain into power

I never knew how far this would take me. It’s so funny, tonight I was looking at photos I took for my Instagram in that tulle black skirt, and all I could think of was “this is SO Carrie Bradshaw!” And that’s always been me. A writer, a dreamer, a lover.

I want to share with you tonight a piece of my amazing journey. I keep a lot of it private, but decided nahhhh, it’s time to open up. I feel that my writing truly resonates with so many of you—especially those of you who have been through painful experiences—and my hope is to continue to inspire you. In the past few days I have had more clients tell me how much I have inspired them. That is my purpose.

I have been through a lot. It’s been absolutely life changing. As many of you know who have been following my journey, I went through a very painful breakup. You can read the story on my blog “The Breakup That Didn’t Break Me.” WOWWWW- what a difference a year makes!

It was a pain like I had never experienced in my life. Sometimes I think back and am stunned at how I even managed to pick myself up off the ground. The lies, betrayal and cheating…I never thought he would do that, or was even capable…it left me so blindsided, so confused. (On a side note, the married girl he had been cheating on me with recently reached out to me and confirmed he had been cheating on me…a year and a half later.) I didn’t respond, but my thoughts were…the truth always comes out, and karma is a Universal Law. I wish them both healing and forgiveness.

AND, since karma is a universal law, what you put out will ALWAYS come back. For me, it came back in the best possible way. For the last year and a half, I have been single, barely dated. I took time to heal, to uncover wounds/triggers. I learned what it truly means to love yourself. I went through an amazing spiritual awakening (if you haven’t seen my post “My Journey” that will explain it.)

What has transpired in these past 18 months has been nothing short of a miracle. From that kitchen floor where I laid, broke and barely able to move, I came alive. Alive in a way I never thought possible. I fought the pain, head on. I refused to let it own me. I said, “I will make something great of this.” And I did.

I’m here to tell you that YOU can have ANYTHING you want in life, and you can turn any situation around. We think so much with our logical minds—how can I make this work—this seems impossible—etc. I am here to tell you that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. You just have to change your perception. Your thinking.

It is now my purpose to help and inspire others to live the life of their dreams. Sometimes I just sit back in awe at how everything has played out. I can be Carrie Bradhsaw, I can be a fashion blogger, I can be a psychic & medium, a pharmaceutical rep, a mom, and a coach—and trust me when I tell you—there were so many times I didn’t think ANY or ALL OF THIS was possible. And here it is. I am helping so many with my intuitive abilities, and I am also a soul/life coach. Who would have even thought? But this was the path I was destined for…through all of the CRAP. LOL. I am so GRATEFUL to use my gifts to help others.

We all deserve to live the best life possible! You deserve to live the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE! Trust me, you can and you will.

If you’re interested in the work I do, email me at I would love to work with you!

I hope that my journey will continue to inspire you.

Sending you love & light,

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Shopbop Sale Favorites

shopbop sale.jpgHi gals! So I LOVE when Shopbop does a sale because I always find so many Ah-mazing things! I’ve rounded up my top picks. All orders under $500 are 20% off and 25% off orders $500 or more. I’ve linked in each piece below, and most are under $100! Hurry though this sale ends April 14. Head over to and get some goodies while they’re at these prices!

Happy shopping!




  1. Free People Dress
  2. Indiana Beach Dress
  3. Levis denim skirt
  4. Zoe Crossbody
  5. Cami Racer
  6. Striped Espadrilles 
  7. Lips & Lashes Tee
  8. Bodysuit
  9. Bow Slides
  10. Mar Y Sol Clutch


Pinstripes and Leopard





 These are two of my favorite things…

And they fit perfectly into my fall transition wardrobe. The fuzzy leopard flats juxtapose the summery pinstripes of the dress, making it a bit more “fall” like.

The shirtdress is by Glam and it’s such a score for $89! I practically live in it. LaLa Couture Boutique has them in stock so call to order before they are sold out. 954-712-1100 or you can iMessage them!

The Rebecca Minkoff bag (love love love this bag!) is also available at the store. The flats are by Nine West from a few seasons ago, but I found similar ones by J Crew.

Thanks for stoppong by the blog! You can always email ( me with fashion or style questions. Happy transitioning into fall!